To a journey beyond space and time

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Historic and cultural town Kotohira

Kotohira is a town where numerous historical buildings remain, including the Kotohira-gu Shrine.
It’s a town with a feeling almost like time has stopped.
This town of Kotohira forms the stage for 3 stories from China, Korea, and Taiwan that transcend time and space.

3 Stories Set in


After losing his lover in an accident,
Kotohira native Takeshi met Lin from

"Eugine, a veteran editor from South Korea,
visited Kotohira once when she was just a rookie.
After 20 years she visited Kotohira again with her only
daughter Mina, and what did she see…"

"A young Taiwanese cameraman named Shun-Hou visited
Kotohira while following his father's path through life…"